Sunday, January 17

tiniest glimmer

of hope that is. Things have been pretty dire around here, hence the lack of posts. I did receive a call today. There is substantial interest in the rental potential of our house. This is the only way to save it from foreclosure.

So if the stars have aligned and the gods have smiled we may not be completely and hopelessly lost.

Sunday, January 10

.. yes i know its late

with the new year here i am at a bit of standstill.

i feel like a duck on an eddy. feverishly paddling yet only going in circles. where is this mess of a blog headed? where am i headed? how is it that money needs to be spent but unable to be earned?

my thoughts these days just seem to go around each other, stumbling, whirling ever faster. until i am literally exhausted barely able to keep my eyes open or to summon the energy to watch a movie or do anything.

with everything swirling its hard to line them up to type them out, so i apologize.

no promises, just need to write more only for the sake of writing.

Wednesday, December 16

its been a rough couple of weeks. so when i stumbled upon this i hurt myself laughing,

That Dude Is Super Excited
see more deMotivational Posters

Wednesday, November 25

fruits and todays labor for tomorrow....

Pumpkins from the garden ready to be roasted

Sauted seeds... sweet and savory

pumpkins post roasting

4 pies... lemon meringue, apple tart
chocolate and pumpkin.

this is the first year for this particular crust recipe. if it turns out good i will post it Friday. The pumpkin(scratch) and chocolate(jell-o cook'nserve) pies were made them with almond milk so my hubby and nephew can enjoy it, even added a little tapioca flour for insurance. the apple tart was made just like a pie, just no top and sliced thin. the lemon is from the previous post recipe.

enjoy your thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10


Over my short life I seem to have collected quite a few cookbooks. All of them quite different in scope, few by celebrities most rarely used. I come by this fever quite honestly, I blame my Mom. Haha.

For as many as she may have owned she only really used one. The Modern Family Cookbook by Meta Given. Her copy is from 1964 and has seen better days but I doubt happier ones. It is slowly disintegrating, the binding barely holding together with tape that is now flapping, a cover that has been bent, pages that are falling out, yellowed with age and stained with decades of spills. It is simply the greatest.

Mom uses it for her famous Lemon Meringue pie that was always requested for gatherings, usually two or more. For as many times as she has made that lovely concoction the book is always referenced. It is still my favorite desert.

There are a TON of recipes that we never used and only a handful that we did. I plan on making a few of the ones we never tackled and I'll post them here but for now here is the
Lemon Meringue Pie (my cometary):

1/4 C Cornstarch + 2T flour (i leave out the flour)
1 1/3 C Sugar
1/4 t Salt
1 1/2 C Boiling water
3 Eggs separated
1/3 C Strained fresh lemon juice
3T Butter
1/2 t grated lemon rind (zest)
baked 9-inch pie shell
6T Sugar

Mix cornstarch, flour, sugar and salt in top of double boiler; add boiling water, blend thoroughly. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly until mixture is thick and clear(mom does this in the microwave, with out boiling the water first, 3-6 minutes. always cover with cling wrap) . Beat egg yolks and stir in a little of the hot mixture(temper); pour back into the double boiler and cook 2 minutes longer with constant stirring. Remove from heat; slowly add lemon juice, butter and lemon rind(zest)(again in the microwave for an additional 2-4 min); mix well. Cool, pour into cooled pie shell. Beat eggs whites until barely stiff, add the 6 tablespoons sugar gradually and again beat until stiff. Swirl over pie filling so as to touch edges of crust all around(once pie is covered, touch with your spatula and pull away quickly to create peaks these will brown nicely). Place in a moderate oven (350 degrees) 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to cake rack to cook before cutting. 5 or 6 servings

Sunday, November 8

how to tell its no longer summer

  • the sun sets before 5pm
  • the scenery is gold and red instead of green
  • all the fruit is off the trees, with the leaves
  • fire in stove required to keep the house above 60 degress
  • the cats don't stay out side more than 30 min and spend the rest of the time sleeping by the fire or you.
  • when washing dishes you notice more mugs, bowls and spoons instead of glasses, plates and forks.
  • baking is almost mandatory
  • knitting is no longer a heat inducing exercise
  • crocodile skin... must moisturize.
  • cleaning the pool requires socks, shoes, coat and gloves
  • the pool is a balmy 44 degrees.
  • the calendar reads November
sigh. i miss it already. but hot tea tastes great again

Monday, October 5


its that time of year again when i feel like bloggin'. i always seem to be more inspired in the fall than spring and summer. mmm

anyhoo, harvest is in full swing around here. the pears were harvested in the middle of august! and the apples are almost done. last year they didn't do pears until mid Sept and apples sometime in Oct. the heat this summer really speed up ripening. I've been wandering the apple orchard and collecting my snacks. soon I'll get a box or 2.

it's been cool enough here that we have had a fire at night for the past week or so. got wood for the winter stacked and ready to go. its even frosted already, my gourds and pumpkins bearing the worst of it. tomatoes still producing believe it or not. beans loving this cooler weather and cucumbers still plodding along. we had so many beans there for a while i canned like 10 jars! mmm pickles.

went in to the hills for the first day of fall it was lovely. ran into mergansers(late season ducks) some cool spiders, frogs and a couple of weird hikers. it was even warm enough to wade in the river.

this past weekend we went to our local "fair". it was really cold, wind was steady and the occasional rain drop really made standing in line for those rides tiresome. but the things you do for family eh? saw some friends and did a lot of walking of course. the barns were open and we made a few friends with some adorable goats. i love goats. when i was little my grandpa bought 2 for us at "the sale", livestock auction. their names were Snowball(white) and Cinnamon(brown), ah good times.

did you see the full moon last night? she was magnificent. first full moon of fall.

Monday, September 21


so after the mess that was going on this spring. i of course took some photos but only of the mess they left behind. so photos of the room are the secondary focus in these.

In this first installment... the basement. dum dum dum

the stairs leading up and out, i don't think they ever vacuumed. with this kind of carpet on them they were really slippery, i can't begin to remember how many times i slipped and fell on these. you can kinda see the drop ceiling in this photo its actually the only one i got of it.

the yellow wall is actually the foundation, in this home the basement walls have a "shelf" and here is where the pipes run. in this one you can get a good shot of the carpet. when we bought it (10 yrs ago) the carpet was not only in here but also the whole upstairs except kitch/baths/laundry rm. it was pretty gross.

this is the chimney that we never used. it has a hearth pad but apparently wasn't used by the previous owners either.we had to use that expando foam to fill the hole, otherwise it was always cold down here. the stove was gone from upstairs too.

this is the infamous "red room" my hubby always wanted one. so he picked the color his own self even had to use a pepto pink primer(say that 10 times!). it was used as the office. it was in this room that the previous owners daughter hung herself in the closet.

this was our bedroom at the end. we replaced the carpet from the brown nastyness in the rest of the house and painted 2 shades of brown. it was my crafting/ guest room before that. the renters did some weird shit in that far corner there was a huge dark stain on the floor and walls. it looked like puke.
i don't even want to know.

and here it is now (almost) finished

stair well... we used indoor/outdoor carpet and just glued it straight down. its really stable and not slippery (yay!) and if you notice... the ceiling is finished.

this is the view from the stairs. notice the foundation has been sheet rocked and now we have a small access panel(yet to be put up). that is the "red room" ahead.

the paneled wall hides a craft project of mine. i used music posters (i had a ton from an old job) as a collage wall paper. i thought i looked cool but prospective buyer might not, so instead of removing i covered it for future homeowners to find. see the pretty ceiling?

the chimney has been encased(looks much better) and we put a door on the hot water heater. the carpet here in the main room and the "red room" is commercial grade so it is high traffic and super easy to clean.

this is the no longer red room, painted the same color as the main room

here is the opposing view of the same room.

the carpet got a good steam clean and the walls a coat of paint(same color). most of the mystery stain came out so that's good.

and opposite view

we still have closet doors to put up in each room and a new door for the lg bd room but that's it for here. next installment... upstairs

Wednesday, September 9

Good news!!

the house in town is almost finished. the construction bits are just about done with finish work. we go in today for general cleaning inside and out. hopefully it there will be someone to rent it in oct.

i'll post pictures soon of before and afters.

Friday, July 31


wow july has been busier than expected! lots of birthdays, weddings, remodeling and traveling. Lets not forget this god awful heat! this july has seen more upper 90's and 100 degree days than i care to remember. to make matters worse we have a swamp cooler, which we LOVE, but the humidity has been unusually high so it just ends up making the air thick to breathe.

we also seem to be noticing more bugs than usual, weird ones too. the garden is chugging along nicely with the corn now taller than me and tasseled. the tomatoes have great big green globes and the Matt's wild cherry has given up 10 or so wonderful tart fruits. the eggplants have finally bloomed! the gourds are chugging along, pumpkins are blooming but not yet fruiting. and the scarlet runners have given up a pound or so of yummy beans. i love summer.

oh lawdy, the other morning i was sitting here at the dining table when my mighty huntress kitty made her plaintive, "mom?! my mouth is full of something(sometimes a toy sometimes not) where are you so i can show you what i have" i called her name so she knew where i was. she came around the corner with a SNAKE in her mouth!!! talk about waking you up! thankfully it was small(12 to 18 inches, smaller than a dime in diameter) so i covered it with a towel after she dropped it and took it outside. at least it wasn't dead and didn't seem to be to damaged.