Saturday, January 17

Remembering to be Grateful...

I'm Back! Our holiday really took it out of me and i haven't wanted to post ;)

So the past year was an interesting one to be sure. Much too much going on. Not sure where fate was leading me. Started out living in a 1952 travel trailer with just my 2 cats at my parents and ended the year in Hawaii with my Husband. Life is certainly strange.

For 2008...
I've learned that Patience is a wonderful thing.
I've learned that a friendship is valuable, with many you are truly rich.
Trust is something that is earned and should not be freely given.
Family is more than blood, but often it is better.
I've learned to trust my "instinct" because its usually right.
I've learned that the little chiding voice in my head really needs to be ignored.
The saying "If you don't know, ask" could never be truer.

For 2009...
I hope to take better care of myself in all areas. For if I don't nobody else is gonna.
Speak up, before that chiding voice has spun my brain into pea soup and down is up.
To stop procrastinating.
Learn to let things go and not freak out if the ducks don't line up.

With fingers crossed and eyes closed(peek) here I come...