Sunday, January 17

tiniest glimmer

of hope that is. Things have been pretty dire around here, hence the lack of posts. I did receive a call today. There is substantial interest in the rental potential of our house. This is the only way to save it from foreclosure.

So if the stars have aligned and the gods have smiled we may not be completely and hopelessly lost.

Sunday, January 10

.. yes i know its late

with the new year here i am at a bit of standstill.

i feel like a duck on an eddy. feverishly paddling yet only going in circles. where is this mess of a blog headed? where am i headed? how is it that money needs to be spent but unable to be earned?

my thoughts these days just seem to go around each other, stumbling, whirling ever faster. until i am literally exhausted barely able to keep my eyes open or to summon the energy to watch a movie or do anything.

with everything swirling its hard to line them up to type them out, so i apologize.

no promises, just need to write more only for the sake of writing.