Tuesday, February 24

so my poor nephew has been sick for a coupla days and they were not able to get him in yesterday so i had the pleasure of taking him today. he has a serious case of the sniffles, temp and sticky congestion, plain old sick. so we had to wander around wal-mart till his prescription was ready. not exactly fun when you have a cranky 8 year old. but we finally made it home and he veged out on the couch watching cartoons(thank the gods for all those kid oriented networks) and we played uno until his mamma got off of work.
actually not a bad day all in all considering ...

Wednesday, February 18

"I'm a goofy goober yeah"

although technically a pineapple is not a goober but a bromeliad.... taken at the Dole Plantation trap for tourists on Oahu. I miss that island so. I feel homesick for a place i've only visited twice.