Sunday, June 28

harrier hawk

So to the east of the house stands 2 tall old cedars. whose tips in years past meet with drunken college students and handguns. not a pretty sight. these poor old trees are beautiful until you look up and then they are a bit scraggly. well the birds absolutely love them. everything from starlings(which the cherry farmers hate!), chickadees (mountain, black capped), ravens, mourning doves and a ton of others.
the other day there was a giant bird that came swooping by, so i ran to the window and noticed she landed on the cedar. so down the stairs and to the camera to get at least one photo of that magnificent beast. gasp, my battery was dying but i did have the back up one fully charged. turns out there was no need to rush as she stayed in that tree for 3-4 hours. doors were opened and shut. people got on the roof. general outside activity not to mention my sister talked to her a bit. didn't seem to faze her at all.

this first photo is right after she landed.

I looked her up and it turns out to be a Northern Harrier. The trees were all a chatter with the robins and finches were chittering and flapping their wings trying to scare her off. she pointedly ignored them even when they were doing flybys!

when she finally looked at this little guy he jumped back quite a ways! wonder why?

Monday, June 22

Friday, June 19


I have been working on this shawl, Sarah Blanche by Cheryl Oberle, for about a month. Made with the most amazing Mohair/wool/nylon(for strength) fiber. Finally completed yesterday, washed, blocked and dry by this evening. I got my hubby to snap a few shots in the evening light.
Click to embiggify.
Soft and light. Warm but not too much.

oooh artsy fartsy.

Here soon i'll send it to my very good friend in California. She is going to be so surprised!

Thursday, June 18


So you may have noticed that there has been a noticeable lack of photos lately. Or maybe not.
Anyhoos, the ScanDisk card that i have been using, for what 4 years now, finally like split in two. Of course along the "data read" edge, but thankfully I was able to get the info off. So off i went and got a shiny new 8GB memory stick, whooeee. Been using it now for a few weeks, come on 8gigs is hard to fill, put it in the computer to transfer a few pics and tragedy strikes. i forgot to format the thing before i started using it. now i need to find the cables to transfer all the pictures, then format the disk so it can be used it on the dang laptop. sigh.

on the bright side, this is the biggest drama in my life now. so thank the gods for that one.

Monday, June 15


so I am at a bit of a standstill.

we have a house that we are not living in, paying the mortgage and it is sitting empty. we had it appraised at 3000 over what we paid, as is, 10 yrs ago. if we do the work, floors, main bathroom and a little in the basement, we could clear 30000 to 40000. now when i say "we" do the work it would really be me as my hubby is, well how do i say this politely, lazy. he would hire someone to do the work, which is nice but $$$.

holding us back? This home is negative. what i mean by that is you feel drained, headaches and the creativity flew out the window. When we bought the house we were told that the owners 16yr old daughter committed suicide there. yes there was some freaky things that happened, nothing that i couldn't handle. turns out it was slowly eating away at my husband. so the last year we lived there wasn't exactly pleasant. add to that the death of my friend who rented it from us. I am feeling a little wary to sell it to another unsuspecting family/couple.

the thing that is pushing us a bit is the current home we are renting the landlord is looking to put it up on the market soon. if he should sell before we can get that house sold, that means we would have to move somewhere around here again. I don't think i could bear it. we were hoping to get the house sold so we could move to hawaii. wouldn't that be nice?

so welcome to my brain. oh and i have a wedding to go to on the 4th. so i made a new dress for the occasion. i figured to make it a size larger than i normally wear because i have gained a bit. i measured twice before i made that decision as well. turns out i can't wear that either. i think i'm gonna cry.

Saturday, June 13

can i just say...

i really hate family guy.

no one specific reason, it just gets on my nerves.

not funny.

sigh. the things we watch for the ones we love.

Friday, June 5


i feel as though i could scream and the east coast could hear me. i got me tub back!!!!

we went down to the PoPo, talked to an officer and we calmly explained everything. he had us call the phone # in the posting and i used my "alias". the officer followed us to the house and boy howdy did the fellow have a ton of excuses for us. "everybody else was takin' things - had to call my friend with a truck so some mexicans didn't strap it to their car - it wasn't on the lawn but the door to the shed was kicked in so we figured it was cool to take things" it wasn't the fellow we expected to see but we suspect they know each other. we'll find out in a coupla weeks if the house has some "mysterious" damage.

i feel so vindicated. i know its only a silly bathtub, but dammit its mine and i fucking paid for it. My close friend procurred it for us, he did the plumbing with my husband, even cut a hole in the floor for it. not to mention i did enough for those lousy people i'd be dammed if they were going to get one more thing out of me.

sigh. i feel so much better!!!


well i just found my bath tub on a popular site for sale. we will contact them and the police muuwwaaahhhhh revenge may be mine....

thanks karen for the comment, made me giggle and brought a much needed smile to my face.

Tuesday, June 2


So for the past week or so its been pretty dang hot. i always feel the laziest when the mercury starts to climb. one positive thing is we are really enjoying the pool during this heat. phew!

as far as the shit storm... our cross-the-street neighbor, from where we lived for 10 years, is currently in his second divorce. and she is really doing a shitty number on him. she got him yoked up by the police and was in jail for 4 days so he was staying here with us until he got back into his house. It seems as though she took the oven, washer dryer, end tables, lamps, all the pictures in the living room and the bedroom set. after all that she left a note on the fridge saying she will always love him. what a cunt. she has been cheating on him for 6 months and even when he confronted her with the reality she couldn't admit the truth. i really wish he could find a nice girl who already has it together. he deserves that much. and to top it off for him his mom is on the steady downward climb. she fell, bruised internally pretty bad and has creeping dementia. sigh.

so... theres that. oh and the people we were renting the house to? the daughter died. its either suicide or murder by the suspect boyfriend. the coroner ruled it an accident but with the local police here who knows what really happened. so they trashed the house. it stinks like cigarettes and they NEVER watered or mowed the fucking lawn. not to mention they never cleaned the toilets either. yuck. and they took my corner jetted tub with them. saying it was stolen. i am just disappointed.

it seems as though i get burned every time i try to help someone out. sigh. but it will work out. i just know it will. keep positive and visualize visualize visualize.

and that is how my month has been.