Monday, September 21


so after the mess that was going on this spring. i of course took some photos but only of the mess they left behind. so photos of the room are the secondary focus in these.

In this first installment... the basement. dum dum dum

the stairs leading up and out, i don't think they ever vacuumed. with this kind of carpet on them they were really slippery, i can't begin to remember how many times i slipped and fell on these. you can kinda see the drop ceiling in this photo its actually the only one i got of it.

the yellow wall is actually the foundation, in this home the basement walls have a "shelf" and here is where the pipes run. in this one you can get a good shot of the carpet. when we bought it (10 yrs ago) the carpet was not only in here but also the whole upstairs except kitch/baths/laundry rm. it was pretty gross.

this is the chimney that we never used. it has a hearth pad but apparently wasn't used by the previous owners either.we had to use that expando foam to fill the hole, otherwise it was always cold down here. the stove was gone from upstairs too.

this is the infamous "red room" my hubby always wanted one. so he picked the color his own self even had to use a pepto pink primer(say that 10 times!). it was used as the office. it was in this room that the previous owners daughter hung herself in the closet.

this was our bedroom at the end. we replaced the carpet from the brown nastyness in the rest of the house and painted 2 shades of brown. it was my crafting/ guest room before that. the renters did some weird shit in that far corner there was a huge dark stain on the floor and walls. it looked like puke.
i don't even want to know.

and here it is now (almost) finished

stair well... we used indoor/outdoor carpet and just glued it straight down. its really stable and not slippery (yay!) and if you notice... the ceiling is finished.

this is the view from the stairs. notice the foundation has been sheet rocked and now we have a small access panel(yet to be put up). that is the "red room" ahead.

the paneled wall hides a craft project of mine. i used music posters (i had a ton from an old job) as a collage wall paper. i thought i looked cool but prospective buyer might not, so instead of removing i covered it for future homeowners to find. see the pretty ceiling?

the chimney has been encased(looks much better) and we put a door on the hot water heater. the carpet here in the main room and the "red room" is commercial grade so it is high traffic and super easy to clean.

this is the no longer red room, painted the same color as the main room

here is the opposing view of the same room.

the carpet got a good steam clean and the walls a coat of paint(same color). most of the mystery stain came out so that's good.

and opposite view

we still have closet doors to put up in each room and a new door for the lg bd room but that's it for here. next installment... upstairs

Wednesday, September 9

Good news!!

the house in town is almost finished. the construction bits are just about done with finish work. we go in today for general cleaning inside and out. hopefully it there will be someone to rent it in oct.

i'll post pictures soon of before and afters.