Friday, July 31


wow july has been busier than expected! lots of birthdays, weddings, remodeling and traveling. Lets not forget this god awful heat! this july has seen more upper 90's and 100 degree days than i care to remember. to make matters worse we have a swamp cooler, which we LOVE, but the humidity has been unusually high so it just ends up making the air thick to breathe.

we also seem to be noticing more bugs than usual, weird ones too. the garden is chugging along nicely with the corn now taller than me and tasseled. the tomatoes have great big green globes and the Matt's wild cherry has given up 10 or so wonderful tart fruits. the eggplants have finally bloomed! the gourds are chugging along, pumpkins are blooming but not yet fruiting. and the scarlet runners have given up a pound or so of yummy beans. i love summer.

oh lawdy, the other morning i was sitting here at the dining table when my mighty huntress kitty made her plaintive, "mom?! my mouth is full of something(sometimes a toy sometimes not) where are you so i can show you what i have" i called her name so she knew where i was. she came around the corner with a SNAKE in her mouth!!! talk about waking you up! thankfully it was small(12 to 18 inches, smaller than a dime in diameter) so i covered it with a towel after she dropped it and took it outside. at least it wasn't dead and didn't seem to be to damaged.

Friday, July 17

last nights/this mornings moon

its a little shakey, but i thought it looked good.
considering i was parked along the freeway at 1 am!