Saturday, March 21

today was a lovely day even if a bit overcast.
now is the time to prep my soil for seeds to come. so i was out with the "pitchfork" turning the dirt and finding the biggest earthworms. tomorrow i'll do the same, as next week i need to put corn, peas, and beans in the dirt and start my herbaceous "fruits". i should have had them in their starter pots at the start of this month but thats what you get for being a procrastinator i suppose. everything from heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, canteoples and pumpkins. mmmmmmm.
its going to be a busy couple of weeks thats for sure. wish 'em luck!

Tuesday, March 10


you certainly can tell spring is coming around here. the weather doesn't seem to know which way its tail is pointed. Yesterday we were having a gorgeous day with sunshine and a few clouds. at about 1 o'clock it started to change first we had a lightning flash, thunder and for about 15 minutes it "snowed" so hard that you couldn't see across the valley. then as soon as it had started it was done. *poof* just like that. the photos are from just after...

looking east

looking S/W

Falling from the sky

10 minutes later

Sunday, March 1

in like a lion

today is overcast and rainy. unusual for the start of march. for some reason it seems to have brought my mood down with it. i've cried twice already, more out of frustration i think, its not something i engage in often. i don't know whats going on today. sigh. i think i'll go for a walk.