Friday, October 31

19/365 moon rise morning

Happy all'hallows!

Thursday, October 30

18/365 Evolution of a Pumpkin

this pumpkin loaf was made with Pamela's baking and pancake mix. and when the recipe calls for 15 oz of canned don't decide that 18oz of fresh is close enough. i still ate it. mmmmmm i love pumpkins. or all winter squash/gourds.

Wednesday, October 29

17/365 mableline

Tuesday, October 28

16/365 carcass

whats left of a sunflower after the birds found it.

Monday, October 27

Sunday, October 26

14/365 good morning

rarely am i awake to see this. gorgeous.

Saturday, October 25

13/365 last one

Friday, October 24

12/365 Cosmos

look whats still blooming even after the frost...

Thursday, October 23

11/365 why hello beautiful...

coming to bed? there's room for one more....

this is alex she is resting on my hubby. i always get the best photos of her. her sister is harder to photograph for some reason.

Wednesday, October 22

10/365 shadows

man the days are getting so much shorter. this is at 4:30. in july this whole area was still flooded with sunlight, tanning time. *sigh.

Tuesday, October 21

9/365 scenes from a freeway

Mt. Rainier at sunset

Monday, October 20

8/365 Bienvenue, Willkommen, Come on in


I love this time of year. Its such a shame we don't get trick or treaters. Too far out I suppose. But decorating is so much fun especially because I can use these decorations thru Thanksgiving!
I grew the corn this summer it was so tasty and yes that is my everyday broom, its better than any store bought one. Purchased it at a hippie festival about 10 years ago and is hardly showing any wear.

Sunday, October 19


Rose hips.

When we were little we used to take walks along our road. Growing up in the mountains it made it quite safe to do so. I can't remember if we were coming or going but I do remember the spot where mom pointed out that rose hips are what is leftover from the roses and that they were edibile and filled with vitamin C.

This to my 7 year old brain it meant something else that I could put into my mouth and not get yelled at for. So for years my sister and I couldn't wait until fall and for the rosehips to shine through. we would pick them and eat some as we go then save the rest which usually ended up as dried pruny things by the time we remembered them in the spring. and yes we would eat them too completely ignoring the hairy seeds inside.

Now that I'm a bit older "ahem" I still enjoy them. More often than not they are in my tea but they are still tart and a little acidic and remind me of my childhood.

Saturday, October 18


pathway home....

Friday, October 17

5/365 ladybugs, lots &lots of ladybugs

so a little history. the area where i live is considered the fooothills of the cascades. so there are quite a few hills and valleys. the valley that i am in now, evolved with a highway hugging both the north and south "walls" of the valley. in the seventies a 4 lane freeway came through the middle of the valley and the two highways are now rarely used as they are winding with many ups and downs. the north highway is my favorite with amazing views both ways and with enough curves to keep you glued to your seat ;). along this highway there is an adorable old bridge way above the hydroelectric plant. it has a seat on the southside that faces the river with amazing views of the north valley.
I introduced my nephew to this little seat about a month ago. So when i picked him up from school yesterday he requested that we stop at this bridge when i take him home. so we stop and the closer we get i notice that the entire south wall is COVERED in ladybugs. orange, red and black, little spots, big spots and no spots. we were stunned. my nephew at 7 years old called it "extrordinary". i couldn't take enough photos, it was just amazing.

Thursday, October 16


Look who i found out in the garden today. Not sure what she is but she had no red hour glass. beautiful huh?

Wednesday, October 15

So whats the dumbest thing you've done today?

So i've been devouring a pot of coffee today. Now that it is evening ya slow down a bit. So having let my favorite mug filled with once piping hot caffeine nectar gone ice cold, I decide that I should place it on the wood stove to warm up. This is a habit I have done since childhood with cocoa, tea, coffee or any other assorted needing to be warmed beverages. So it was without hesitation I set it on the stove that was still silent with coals. Now something I didn't take into consideration tonite was this mug is glass and I set it in the middle of the top hoping it would warm up faster. Let me say this... BIG MISTAKE!

Needless to say I was watching tv and hear this loud SNAP! followed by violent hissing and the smell of burning international delights spiced rum and coffee. Not the best smell if you ask me. Have you ever tried to clean burning coffee/sugar off a piping hot stove with smoke filling the house and its too cold to open the doors to shoo it out? I suppose thats why they made cozy slippers and jackets!

I really did like that mug tho, damit.


I did my lifeguard duties today. I saved'ed this huge bumblebee(he's drying in the sun here) and later 2 honeybees. That's the only thing i don't like about having a huge ug pool in the country. and yes we're renting but still... its seems as tho i am either saving insects, spiders, worms, frogs and weird whirly air/water bugs or fishing their sad carcasses out of the 10 ft deep or the filter.

psst.. todays picture was almost a little woodpecker but he was too far away and against the sun to get a good shot. boy was he noisy!

Tuesday, October 14

g' morning

so i just slept 18 hours and i'm thinking about going back to bed. my husband kept trying to wake me up but my eyes just didn't want to comply. he even made a pot of coffee. i think i'll have a cup with some cocoa to celebrate "international chocolate week", thanks 'Mouche.

well g'night i suppose....


this is why i like cold weather. it gives me an excuse to play with fire.

Monday, October 13

project 365/1

so i read about this project over on Fab Grandma and she in turn found it on another site she reads. so in the spirit of sharing and hopefully posting more often, i am going to give it a go.

what it entails is this. share a photo a day for a year. its that simple. maybe i can stick to this regimen.

here is the first installment.....

if you look closely you can see the birds...