Monday, September 22

happy happy

so it looks as though my master plan is working. mmuuwwaahhh.

i feel better now. no really, my weight loss is continuing on schedule. i am working my ass off and really watching what goes in my mouth. mostly. and my progress is slow which is good, 1 to 2 lbs a week. even with my sleeping shitty and traveling.

went to Seattle last Tuesday had a blast. ate way too much but drank lots of water and haven't missed a work out all week. went to IKEA, jeasus keyrist that's a big damn store. its sad to admit but i actually lost my berings and i have excellent berings ;) did all the things we like to do when we go there. had a blast. today we are heading up state to visit the apple capital. apple season is comming up. and i can't wait!!! but hopefully afterwards i can convince him to go to the petrified forest and the wild horse monument. i've been but he hasn't. it should be fun.

it got so cold tonite that i had to start a fire this evening. its supposed to be close to freezing this week. yuck. but change is good. some of the cottonwoods around here have started to turn color already. sigh. i need to chop down the corn stalks to make some decorations for my favoritiest holiday and get some big orange squash ie pumpkins. mmm pumpkins.

so off i go to try to get a few more hours of sleep in. wish me luck!

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