Friday, October 17

5/365 ladybugs, lots &lots of ladybugs

so a little history. the area where i live is considered the fooothills of the cascades. so there are quite a few hills and valleys. the valley that i am in now, evolved with a highway hugging both the north and south "walls" of the valley. in the seventies a 4 lane freeway came through the middle of the valley and the two highways are now rarely used as they are winding with many ups and downs. the north highway is my favorite with amazing views both ways and with enough curves to keep you glued to your seat ;). along this highway there is an adorable old bridge way above the hydroelectric plant. it has a seat on the southside that faces the river with amazing views of the north valley.
I introduced my nephew to this little seat about a month ago. So when i picked him up from school yesterday he requested that we stop at this bridge when i take him home. so we stop and the closer we get i notice that the entire south wall is COVERED in ladybugs. orange, red and black, little spots, big spots and no spots. we were stunned. my nephew at 7 years old called it "extrordinary". i couldn't take enough photos, it was just amazing.


Karen said...

Your nephew has an extraordinary vocabulary.

Devi said...

yes he does. when i used to work retail, he would confuse some of my dumber coworkers with big words. it was funny.