Sunday, October 19


Rose hips.

When we were little we used to take walks along our road. Growing up in the mountains it made it quite safe to do so. I can't remember if we were coming or going but I do remember the spot where mom pointed out that rose hips are what is leftover from the roses and that they were edibile and filled with vitamin C.

This to my 7 year old brain it meant something else that I could put into my mouth and not get yelled at for. So for years my sister and I couldn't wait until fall and for the rosehips to shine through. we would pick them and eat some as we go then save the rest which usually ended up as dried pruny things by the time we remembered them in the spring. and yes we would eat them too completely ignoring the hairy seeds inside.

Now that I'm a bit older "ahem" I still enjoy them. More often than not they are in my tea but they are still tart and a little acidic and remind me of my childhood.

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