Wednesday, October 15

So whats the dumbest thing you've done today?

So i've been devouring a pot of coffee today. Now that it is evening ya slow down a bit. So having let my favorite mug filled with once piping hot caffeine nectar gone ice cold, I decide that I should place it on the wood stove to warm up. This is a habit I have done since childhood with cocoa, tea, coffee or any other assorted needing to be warmed beverages. So it was without hesitation I set it on the stove that was still silent with coals. Now something I didn't take into consideration tonite was this mug is glass and I set it in the middle of the top hoping it would warm up faster. Let me say this... BIG MISTAKE!

Needless to say I was watching tv and hear this loud SNAP! followed by violent hissing and the smell of burning international delights spiced rum and coffee. Not the best smell if you ask me. Have you ever tried to clean burning coffee/sugar off a piping hot stove with smoke filling the house and its too cold to open the doors to shoo it out? I suppose thats why they made cozy slippers and jackets!

I really did like that mug tho, damit.

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