Monday, November 3

22/365 oh that ocian view!

Those were the first words supposedly said by William Clark of Lewis and Clark when upon arriving at the pacific on the Washington side.

This was view from our room that we rented at the Crest Motel in Astoria. The Astoria-Megler Bridge is in the back ground. Always empty container ships out on the Columbia River waiting for their cargo in Portland. There is even a ship that has to dredge the river twice a day or else it would fill up with silt and there would be no way to navigate the serious sandbars.

Astoria is an amazing little city. so many Victorian era homes that are wonderful to look at as a recent (last 10 years) resurgence of town pride has many homeowners fixing up the old painted ladies. The historical society has even acquired a home of a major Astoria player Captian Flavel. I was able to catch a tour through the Capt. George Flavel House Museum on Saturday. It is absolutely stunning and makes you at a loss for words. But only if your into that kind of thing and i am, because i'm a history geek.

My friends visit a lot and had brought back tons of reading material. So I had a general idea of restaurants and shops. They have a little restaurant called Drina Daisy. They specialize in Bosnian food. Oh. My. God. If you ever have the chance to go, you must. I seriously had mouth'gazims. So good we went twice. We ate elsewhere too but Drina daisy was really the only place that stood out. In other words food I couldn't have made myself.

So because Astoria is on the coast we expected rain. Yes we did have a little each day but nothing that was torrential. Until we went home. It rained from the minute we started on HWY 12 until about 5 miles to the "Y" at HWY410. In fact it snowed at the summit. It wasn't sticking but it did snow. YEA!

it was a wonderful time. and i even ran to the ocean half naked on halloween. whooo doggie!


Scaramouche Jones said...

Bosnian food? Examples please... :)

Karen said...

yes please, what is Bosnian food?