Wednesday, December 3

52/365 Hike

yes i know that its the first of dec but for some reason it hasn't been all that cold yet(pray the gods didn't hear me). So i went on a hike with a dear friend. and look what i got to see...

Small pool at the base of the first and major falls

the falls and cliff from below

the two streams feeding the falls where the join and cascade over

close up of the same

shaky pic i know but the only one I have from up above

small "mature" wild mushroom

farther up stream smaller falls

taller small falls even farther upstream.

this stream was actually undercutting the side rock.

end of the "deer" trail.

the water was very cold and tasty. there were lots of different kinds of fresh scat from elk to dear even cougar i think, a little scary. it has been raining here in the hills lately(no snow yet) so it was really muddy. almost had a few accidents! but we lived (obviously) and had a wonderful day.


Karen said...

that was a great hike. I want to go next time, please.

Devi said...

next time your in the "neighborhood"