Tuesday, December 16

65/365 I have a problem

Hello, my "name" is Devi and I'm a DS addict.

So my hubby has a queer habit of having to check the pawn shops for music stuff such as amps/guitars and I usually drag my feet because I don't get a kick out of looking at items that people have either had to give up because they need money or stolen shit.

But in September I spied with my little eye a Nintendo DS. OOOOOO and it was only $100 with charger, a snazzy hard carrying case and a game. SQUEEEE. so i've been glued to this thing with brain age 1 & 2, the Sims Castaway(which I beat) and with a subscription to Game Fly I'm now stuck into Super Mario Bros. which growing up poor i was "deprived" of as a child. today the Simpsons game came and that is proving a fun one too. I figure it'll keep me busy on the plane.

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