Friday, December 19

68/365 and a hat to match

Back in february my mom was flipping through one of my Vintage'esq kint/crochet books and spied a "jacket" that she liked(top left). so after much pleading on her part, i caved. the jacket is done as all one piece, think capital T with the tops joined, and in GARTER STITCH(knit repeat, repeat). So i quickly knit up a small, as per her instructions, and it was WAY to small. so i had to completly rip it and start again. this time it took me a lot longer as i was bored with the whole thing and making a Large. but i finally finished it!

but it wasn't quite enough i thought so i made her a quasi matching hat for christmas. if you look closely you can see the Diamonds....



Karen said...

that is very cute. How long did it take you to knit it?

Devi said...

well the first time it knit the jacket it only took me a month or so of periodic knitting. the one you see here i knit, ignored & knit it for about 8 mo. the hat took me about 3 hours.