Tuesday, June 2


So for the past week or so its been pretty dang hot. i always feel the laziest when the mercury starts to climb. one positive thing is we are really enjoying the pool during this heat. phew!

as far as the shit storm... our cross-the-street neighbor, from where we lived for 10 years, is currently in his second divorce. and she is really doing a shitty number on him. she got him yoked up by the police and was in jail for 4 days so he was staying here with us until he got back into his house. It seems as though she took the oven, washer dryer, end tables, lamps, all the pictures in the living room and the bedroom set. after all that she left a note on the fridge saying she will always love him. what a cunt. she has been cheating on him for 6 months and even when he confronted her with the reality she couldn't admit the truth. i really wish he could find a nice girl who already has it together. he deserves that much. and to top it off for him his mom is on the steady downward climb. she fell, bruised internally pretty bad and has creeping dementia. sigh.

so... theres that. oh and the people we were renting the house to? the daughter died. its either suicide or murder by the suspect boyfriend. the coroner ruled it an accident but with the local police here who knows what really happened. so they trashed the house. it stinks like cigarettes and they NEVER watered or mowed the fucking lawn. not to mention they never cleaned the toilets either. yuck. and they took my corner jetted tub with them. saying it was stolen. i am just disappointed.

it seems as though i get burned every time i try to help someone out. sigh. but it will work out. i just know it will. keep positive and visualize visualize visualize.

and that is how my month has been.

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Karen said...

That is more than a shit storm, that is a diahrrea hurricane. Dang, what mess.