Sunday, June 28

harrier hawk

So to the east of the house stands 2 tall old cedars. whose tips in years past meet with drunken college students and handguns. not a pretty sight. these poor old trees are beautiful until you look up and then they are a bit scraggly. well the birds absolutely love them. everything from starlings(which the cherry farmers hate!), chickadees (mountain, black capped), ravens, mourning doves and a ton of others.
the other day there was a giant bird that came swooping by, so i ran to the window and noticed she landed on the cedar. so down the stairs and to the camera to get at least one photo of that magnificent beast. gasp, my battery was dying but i did have the back up one fully charged. turns out there was no need to rush as she stayed in that tree for 3-4 hours. doors were opened and shut. people got on the roof. general outside activity not to mention my sister talked to her a bit. didn't seem to faze her at all.

this first photo is right after she landed.

I looked her up and it turns out to be a Northern Harrier. The trees were all a chatter with the robins and finches were chittering and flapping their wings trying to scare her off. she pointedly ignored them even when they were doing flybys!

when she finally looked at this little guy he jumped back quite a ways! wonder why?

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