Monday, June 15


so I am at a bit of a standstill.

we have a house that we are not living in, paying the mortgage and it is sitting empty. we had it appraised at 3000 over what we paid, as is, 10 yrs ago. if we do the work, floors, main bathroom and a little in the basement, we could clear 30000 to 40000. now when i say "we" do the work it would really be me as my hubby is, well how do i say this politely, lazy. he would hire someone to do the work, which is nice but $$$.

holding us back? This home is negative. what i mean by that is you feel drained, headaches and the creativity flew out the window. When we bought the house we were told that the owners 16yr old daughter committed suicide there. yes there was some freaky things that happened, nothing that i couldn't handle. turns out it was slowly eating away at my husband. so the last year we lived there wasn't exactly pleasant. add to that the death of my friend who rented it from us. I am feeling a little wary to sell it to another unsuspecting family/couple.

the thing that is pushing us a bit is the current home we are renting the landlord is looking to put it up on the market soon. if he should sell before we can get that house sold, that means we would have to move somewhere around here again. I don't think i could bear it. we were hoping to get the house sold so we could move to hawaii. wouldn't that be nice?

so welcome to my brain. oh and i have a wedding to go to on the 4th. so i made a new dress for the occasion. i figured to make it a size larger than i normally wear because i have gained a bit. i measured twice before i made that decision as well. turns out i can't wear that either. i think i'm gonna cry.

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