Friday, June 5


i feel as though i could scream and the east coast could hear me. i got me tub back!!!!

we went down to the PoPo, talked to an officer and we calmly explained everything. he had us call the phone # in the posting and i used my "alias". the officer followed us to the house and boy howdy did the fellow have a ton of excuses for us. "everybody else was takin' things - had to call my friend with a truck so some mexicans didn't strap it to their car - it wasn't on the lawn but the door to the shed was kicked in so we figured it was cool to take things" it wasn't the fellow we expected to see but we suspect they know each other. we'll find out in a coupla weeks if the house has some "mysterious" damage.

i feel so vindicated. i know its only a silly bathtub, but dammit its mine and i fucking paid for it. My close friend procurred it for us, he did the plumbing with my husband, even cut a hole in the floor for it. not to mention i did enough for those lousy people i'd be dammed if they were going to get one more thing out of me.

sigh. i feel so much better!!!


Anonymous said...

Too right it's yours and good news to have it back! Now enjoy it!

CJ xx

cat said...

You have made my day by writing PoPo - because I say that all the time now (deep down in this white irish canadian body is a gangsta!) and my husband laughs at me when I do.

Is it so wrong? heh.

Glad you got your bath tub back!