Saturday, September 6

i do not know what my problem is. my mind is racing and i keep hashing out the same old shit over and over and over in my head. i feel like some sort of mental patient. DOCTOR!!! WHERES MY MEDS!!!! OI YOU IN THE WHITE COAT!!! i think i may need a tranquilizer. ketamine aughta do it.

i think its the work outs that are doing it. stimulating muscles that are holding all that negative emotion. my massage therapist calls it "muscle memories" she firmly believes that our muscles hold the emotions of certain memories and that when they(the muscles) are stimulated or stressed it releases the gunk thats built up. which is why you are supposed to drink lots and lots of water. to flush it out. but i had never heard of this before she brought it up. i can see where she is comming from as i practice rudimentary energy work and can feel different emotions that may be trapped in a muscle knot or something. but i didn't know that it would effect the muscles owner(ie me) so much.

so as a result of this my eyes are getting crusty and my mind is still racing. does anyone have a rubber mallet?

le sigh


Scaramouche Jones said...

Uh riiight. Personally I think your massage therapist is the one who needs meds, because that all sounds like a bunch of hippie talk to me ;)

If you haven't exercised in a long time you are just not used to it. You are tired, sore, and stressed, all of which are negative emotions. It'll get better as you keep on.

Devi said...

it fuckin' better. ;)