Tuesday, September 2

so a quick update. it was actually 105 degrees that day of the wedding. and i was sweating "like a whore in church" as my husband says. it went pretty quick actually and if i do say so myself i did pretty damn good. i even had her ultra conservative baptist preacher uncle compliment me. so la te da!

so i'm on a quest to make my ass smaller. and for the past two days i've really blown it. damn it. Sunday i needed to rest. all week I've either been doing hardcore cardio 20 minutes to start and the last 4 days i got up to 40 minutes and stayed within my target heart rate for 30 of those. and I've also been doing some serious yoga stretching that has been kicking my ass. but today i had no excuse other than i'm fucking lazy. and it being a holiday, family and food. but at least i had a lot of veg and very little fat. but also not enough protein. so tomorrow is another day er actually today i suppose. man i need to get into a better sleeping schedule. i think that its not helping all this back and forth.

hey we're gonna buy a new washer and dryer tomorrow. yippee! its gonna be green. hahaha. actually its cheaper than white or the blue they have by over $100, so i would say that was the deciding factor price before beauty, or something like that.

oh and i get to see my nephew W tomorrow/today as well. I'll pick him up from school, i think we'll swim. he is such a character! i can remember taking him into my workplace at 5 years old and using words that most of my coworkers didn't know. man i worked with some idiots. thank the gods that part of my life is over. but W really makes me smile. he is smart as a whip and just about as spastic as one sometimes. he is a small kid so he gets picked on i think, which makes me sad but i can empathize as both his mother and i were small for our ages too.
oh and one more thing. we live in the orchard area here. cherries to the north and west pears to the south and a few apples to the east. pears are being harvested now so before they hit our area we went out and stole 8 grocery bags full of amazing pears under the dark of the new moon. mmuuwwaahhh.
me thinks its time for bed, maybe.


Scaramouche Jones said...

Squats! If you want to melt your butt, do squats. And knee crunches. And one-legged leg pulses lying on your side.

Of course if there is fat to be reduced then cardio too, of course :)

Devi said...

what the hell is a knee crunch? everything else i get. but i hate pulses. yech.

Scaramouche Jones said...

Like a pilates clam?

Here: http://www.fitsugar.com/551450

Devi said...

mmmm clam..........