Friday, November 7

26/365 my mommy loves me!

So I get a call from my mom as I'm rolling into town "could you stop and get me some cream cheese and some yeast? Mine finally died" My mother is an amazing baker. she can whip up a delightful red velvet cake from scratch, from memory. and then make a light as you please angel food cake all with out batting an eye. at least it seems this way.

earlier this year, at my incessant urging, she went and had her food allergies tested. turns out she too has a gluten sensitivity and anything with milk, tomatoes (her favorite), yeast or anything that has been processed or even been prepared more than 24hrs before(its starts to ferment IE yeast forms). So with that being out there her baking took a decided down turn. Now with fall/winter at hand she got the bakers itch...

fortunately for me i get the spoils! on the left pumpkin bread(can you ever really have enough) and on the right banana cake with (tofutti)cream cheese frosting. as you can see the banana bread has an end mysteriously missing.... all GF and fabulous. I'm gonna get fat. again.

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Karen said...

mmmm, I want to be adopted!