Friday, November 7

Bosnian food anyone?

So I've been putting this post off for a bit because I was unsure how to convey everything..

First off I tried to scan into the computer the menu from Drina Daisy that was "borrowed", to give you a proper overview. Alas my machine has gone haywire and it may be seen flying through the air here pretty damn soon... GAH As a note before I get underway the Words in Bold italic are how it appears on the menu and the words in (italic) are the descriptions also on the menu.

So our first night upon arriving at Astoria we went to Drina Daisy. Its located on Commercial Street which is a one way thoroughfare in old downtown. The restaurant occupies two old store fronts. The entrance contains a "bar" or lunch counter where you can sit and eat. Magazines and a few newspapers from Bosnia along with local publications are on the counter by the register. A mix of euro pop that is tinged with a slight Arab note(think belly dancing) is being played overhead. Everything is white and green with a few dark furniture pieces dotted here and there. Orchids on every table and trailing philodendrons placed up high.

We were greeted and seated by a lovely gentleman who turns out to be co-owner/husband to the chef/cook. Very talkative and informative. When we came in there was another couple but they were finished and soon left. So we pretty much had the place to ourselves until we left.

Because I am a "try anything once" kind of girl, I wanted one of everything. But my companions are much more sedate when it comes to trying new things.
I ordered a starter for sharing of Subo Meso which is Smoked Beef (thinly sliced lean dry smoked beef decoratively arranged with various cheeses which may include feta, mozzarella, farm goat & or sheep) and he(waiter/owner/husband) decided to make it more than that so it included
Bosanski Sudzuk
which is Bosnian Smoked Beef Sausge (A unique Bosnian sausage with garlic & light spicing, thinly sliced and decoratively arranged with marinated roasted red pepper, tomatoes, etc) on the plate came a serving of
which is a spread/condiment (A traditional bright reddish-orange puree of fire roasted re bell pepper and baked eggplant) and some pickled veg one of which I think was whole tomatillos sliced in half but I'm not sure.
Along with Bijeli Hljeb which is their house bread made fresh daily.

The Subo Meso is amazing. It acted like jerky in the mouth but tasted way better. Not as chewy tho. The Bosanski Sudzuk was just as it says lightly seasoned sausage. Very good. The real stand out is the Ajvar. It was sweet and slightly smoky, creamy with a light texture. Perfect complement to the beef bits. I'm not sure what kind of cheese was served I would say it was mozzarella but it was firm so me thinks it was sheep. I would know feta or even a firm goat cheese. Very light not heavy at all. My company all highly praised the bread, it smelled wonderful full of that wheat and yeast smell crunchy on top and soft in the middle. :(

For beverages we ordered a cherry wine. Very sweet and heavy, its a sipper for sure. we were able to bring home the leftovers! Badger ordered a beer that had been fermented in oak casks. It was a light mouth feel semi dark in color and almost like a champagne. So strange yet she ordered 3 of em! not to mention everybody lots of water.

For dinner I wanted to share a whole lamb but nobody wanted to :( so I got Sarma which is Stuffed Cabbage Leaves with Beef (Italian risotto rice & ground organic beef chuck lightly spices with Mediterranean spices & wrapped in cabbage leaves. Cooked in a savory red bell pepper & beef broth. Served with sour cream)
Everybody else ordered Burek which is Beef Pastry (Jufka(filo pastry) folded & baked around ground organic beef chuck. Lightly spiced with Mediterranean spices & a touch of garlic. Served with sour cream) and
Baklava which is Walnut Pastry (Bosnian Style) (Walnuts & sugar "honey" densely layered in Jufka(filo pastry). A special treat. Made on site) for dessert

Let me tell you... the Sarma (avail. as vegetarian also) is AMAZING! It literally explodes with flavor in your mouth. It can be a bit rich so everything is served with a little salad with lemon, some pickled veg, Ajvar and some regular steamed veggies. The cabbage is perfect ie. not mush. and the rice is so subtle you wouldn't even know it was there except for the extra texture. The beef and broth ladled over top was so damn tender it literally melted in my mouth. OOO I want some now! The flavors all melded together without any one thing standing out above the others. Yummy yum yum.

The last time we went they ordered the Burek again, and for a starter share we ordered Sopska which is a Tomato & Cucumber Salad (A traditional & decorative Mediterranean style salad with diced tomato & cucumber. Dressed with a special sour cream dressing) very good it even had bits of that cheese....
as a drink Cockta which is A Yugoslavian soft drink (a dark, non-cola, drink produced in Slovenia. Cockta is flavored with eleven different herbs. Dog-rose berry provides much of its unique flavor. Cockta has no caffeine or corn sweeteners. It also has no phosphoric acid making it smoother than domestic soft drinks). It is super good. I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it. very different but very good.
For an entree I ordered Bosanski Goulas' which is Beef Stew with Paprika Spice (A meaty stew of beef top sirloin chunks & a few vegetables. Flavored with Mediterranean spices & paprika, a spice considered by some as originating in the Balkans)

The Goulas' was so good. Meaty and filling also served with
A mini acidic salad, the pickled and steamed veg. The flavors were perfect. I don't particularly care for paprika but served this way it was phenomenal.

If told that I had to pick one it would be extremely difficult. Hell I need to go back to have the lamb or goat and the Zeljanica Pita (spinach pie) try the vegan option for the Sarma. not to mention their huge European wine list and Turkish coffee and Bosnian style espresso.

In other words I never left Drina Daisy feeling hungry heck I felt like I had ate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Dinner all in one night. ufta. I suggest you go if you can. Now. You won't be regretting it


Karen said...

ok, I am ready to go get that lamb with you. Where is this place?

Devi said...

whenever your up the Northwest way... lets go. its only 4-5 hrs from here. Astoria Oregon...lovely little "Colombia River meets the Pacific Ocean" town