Wednesday, April 8

choco chip...

so my weakness is chocolate chip cookies. and not those bland store bought, pre-packaged or bakery made hockety puck things. i mean the good homemade kind with the best chocolate and great ingredients and mixed with love that you can taste.

since going GF 2 years ago i have sincerely struggled with this ache. oh sure great pies or strudels fix the sweet craving. but what about those amazing chewy chocolate chips with an ice cold glass of milk? well all i can say is thank the gods for Alton Brown.

this is his Chewy Gluten Free Chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Oh My Gods!! this is so freakin' good!! i used Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips and dark brown sugar and chilled em' for 3 hours but otherwise i followed it to the letter. even my hubby has had to restrain himself. i can't be making these too often or i'll be rolling out the door instead of walking.

Try them, you won't regret it. well maybe your waistband will but your tongue will forgive you.

I promise

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Karen said...

that looks really yum! I have everything to make them in the house too.