Monday, April 6

Wonders of Wonders!!

in less than 5 days (tonite makes full 5) I have SPROUTS!!!


Last night someone hit a telephone pole and we were without power for 4 hours, kinda normal around here. with the power out i had a weird time falling asleep. when i finally did my husband ripped the most disgusting smelling fart and it woke me up! gross. so i made him get up and go to wal-mart with me at 3:30 in the morning, muuwwaahhh. actually its the only nice time to go. its quiet, no rude customers, no screaming children and as a plus we are always greeted and helped by friendly staff. quite a rarity there. so when we left it was 42 degrees outside. I remember not that long ago when we were hopefull for a 42 degree day.

Its been so beautiful here. In fact it got above 70! it was warmer outside than in, this morning! The plastic has come off the drafty sliding glass door and the bird song is filling the house. there is even a nice cross breeze as both doors are open and the only window on the west side too. I love me some spring!

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