Saturday, April 4

early garden

Yesterday the wind finally died down and the sun was out. wonderful really. so i figured that it was time to put the peas in. so now we have 2 huge rows of sugar snaps that are supposed to get 6 foot tall or something... ooo peas. now if i could only keep the cats out of that spot. they think any fresh turned dirt is perfect for their digging and "planting". yuck.

on wednesday i was able to get an early start with the seeds. They should start sprouting buy the middle of next week. I'll post as soon as they "pop"
11 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, some sugar pumpkins, cantaloupe, a couple of gourds(one is shaped like a snake!), eggplant(never grown this one, any suggestions?), couple of herbs(thyme & basil), bell peppers and two kinds of cucumber. phew! the onions are going out next and then in may the corn. not to mention the beans. pole, bush and scarlet runner. BUSY!

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