Monday, October 5


its that time of year again when i feel like bloggin'. i always seem to be more inspired in the fall than spring and summer. mmm

anyhoo, harvest is in full swing around here. the pears were harvested in the middle of august! and the apples are almost done. last year they didn't do pears until mid Sept and apples sometime in Oct. the heat this summer really speed up ripening. I've been wandering the apple orchard and collecting my snacks. soon I'll get a box or 2.

it's been cool enough here that we have had a fire at night for the past week or so. got wood for the winter stacked and ready to go. its even frosted already, my gourds and pumpkins bearing the worst of it. tomatoes still producing believe it or not. beans loving this cooler weather and cucumbers still plodding along. we had so many beans there for a while i canned like 10 jars! mmm pickles.

went in to the hills for the first day of fall it was lovely. ran into mergansers(late season ducks) some cool spiders, frogs and a couple of weird hikers. it was even warm enough to wade in the river.

this past weekend we went to our local "fair". it was really cold, wind was steady and the occasional rain drop really made standing in line for those rides tiresome. but the things you do for family eh? saw some friends and did a lot of walking of course. the barns were open and we made a few friends with some adorable goats. i love goats. when i was little my grandpa bought 2 for us at "the sale", livestock auction. their names were Snowball(white) and Cinnamon(brown), ah good times.

did you see the full moon last night? she was magnificent. first full moon of fall.