Sunday, November 8

how to tell its no longer summer

  • the sun sets before 5pm
  • the scenery is gold and red instead of green
  • all the fruit is off the trees, with the leaves
  • fire in stove required to keep the house above 60 degress
  • the cats don't stay out side more than 30 min and spend the rest of the time sleeping by the fire or you.
  • when washing dishes you notice more mugs, bowls and spoons instead of glasses, plates and forks.
  • baking is almost mandatory
  • knitting is no longer a heat inducing exercise
  • crocodile skin... must moisturize.
  • cleaning the pool requires socks, shoes, coat and gloves
  • the pool is a balmy 44 degrees.
  • the calendar reads November
sigh. i miss it already. but hot tea tastes great again

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